Twitter Users Say Cirque du Soleil Steals Oscars Broadcast

shutterstock_oscar_academy_award.jpgViewers sent 2.05 million tweets about last night’s Academy Awards presentation, but non-viewers may surprised to see that the most-tweeted moment had nothing to do with any of the films that had been nominated. Meanwhile, none of the three big awards - best film, best actor and best actress awards - managed to make the top three most tweeted moments of the three-hour broadcast, according to Twitter analytics service TweetReach.

Viewers were far more enthralled with the Cirque du Soleil performance, which generated the night’s biggest spike in traffic, registering 18,718 tweets in one minute, according to Jenn Deering of Davis. That’s up from 2011, when the biggest spike was 11,780 tweets in a minute and the entire broadcast registered 1.27 million mentions on Twitter.

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